Guksu Restaurant is a ‘new age’ Korean Restaurant and Singapore’s first specialised Jeongol Restaurant.

Jeongol is a rich, hearty Korean stew that is loaded with a mix of different ingredients mingling flavours to produce a luscious, savoury concoction.

The classic dish with a long history goes back to ancient times when the elaborate stew or casserole was served to the upper class and at the royal court. Historical documents also record wartime soldiers making do by cooking jeongol in iron helmets.

Guksu’s jeongol are of course less makeshift; each of the ten stews is an artful mix of top-quality meats, vegetables, pastes and sauces carefully handpicked by our Executive Chef Choi Minchul.

Guksu restaurant opened in November 2014 at Suntec City and besides the Jeongols, Guksu Restaurant has also won rave reviews for its Korean Fried Chicken, with esteem bloggers and medias alike rating it ‘Five Fingers’ and ‘the best Korean Fried Chicken in town’. Other specialties include hankook-style hotpots of comforting goodness. Tucking into a Guksu hotpot is a uniquely delicious experience: spicy, herbal, piquant or densely flavourful, depending on the broth chosen. The seven broths offered include the two signature broths – kimchi and herbal ginseng chicken – as well as anchovy, vegetable and mushroom, herbal beef, tom yam, and clam. Because the hotpots are sized for one person, customers get to customise their individual pots with a wide variety of meats, seafood and vegetables, with seven different kind of broths and Korean ramen.